Montréal-Marrakech (creation) @ Montpellier Danse Festival (France)

Open to otherness, dialogue and exchange, Montréal-Marrakech reconciles the worlds and visions of choreographers Danièle Desnoyers and Taoufiq Izeddiou. Focusing on the half-light and in-between, they co-create a work for four performers (two from Montreal, two from Marrakech) in close interaction with Montreal composer Ben Shemie and lighting designer Hugo Dalphond. Montréal-Marrakech questions the possibilities, the view of the […]


The body opens, closes, short-circuits. The voice stutters, hiccups and fractures. Tremors and loss of balance become elements of a three-part work with seven dancers in flight. Together, they search for unity while fighting for their identities. Although fluidity has long been Danièle Desnoyers’s trademark, here she chooses a new approach, fragmenting movement, making the […]


Vibrating to the often harsh sounds and music of composer Ben Shemie, UNFOLD | 7 perspectives combines an apocalyptic atmosphere with moments of delicate softness and sensuality, The surprise scenographic structure allows Desnoyers to test the body’s resistance and the limits of balance. A magnetic, powerful, yet harmonic duel between the forces in play, the […]