Dialogue Danse Actuelle (DDA) is an online cultural mediation project created by Art Circulation where artists and experts from other professional spheres are invited to discuss current topics and contemporary issues.

Each meeting is preceded by the sharing of references that allow us to familiarize ourselves with their work process, their interests and inspirations.

For more information, visit Dialogue Danse Actuelle’s site: https://dda.artcirculation.org

Creating Connexions

Creating Connexions is a series of online meetings between artists and curators from Canada and another chosen country. 

Art Circulation, and the foreign partner invite 4 artists each, and one programmer/curator to a series of talks about different aspects of creation nowadays as well as the contemporary world and challenges surrounding the performing arts industry. 

If you are interested in the project, write to developpement@artcirculation.org 

Café Réflexions

Café Réflexions is a series of short texts around the body, dance and performing arts. Published every Saturday morning, this collection invites you to discover the thoughts of artists at morning coffee time.

To read the Café Réflexions: https://issuu.com/artcirculation