Oct 23

December 1st, 2023
02.30 p.m.
LAVI, dance department UQAM | 840, Cherrier street, Montreal, QC

UNFOLD @ OFF Parcours Danse 2023

Danièle Desnoyers
75 minutes


As part of OFF Parcours Danse 2023, Le Carré des Lombes will present the piece UNFOLD | 7 perspectives.


The body opens, closes, short-circuited. The voice stutters, hiccups, splits. Trembling and unbalanced, this three-part piece features seven top-flight dancers. Together, they seek unity and struggle for identity. While fluidity has long been her signature, Danièle Desnoyers chooses a new angle here, having fun fragmenting movement and making tremors visible. Echoes of the human fracture, of the body and damaged speech. UNFOLD | 7 perspectives blends an apocalyptic atmosphere with moments of refined gentleness and sensuality. Around a surprising scenic structure, Desnoyers tests the resistance of the body and the limits of balance. A magnetic and powerful duel between the forces at play in harmony, the work captivates with its finesse and furious energy.

A creation by
Le Carré des Lombes