Oct 23

November 28, 2023
07.30 p.m.
Édifice Wilder - Espace Danse / Espace Orange

Montréal-Marrakech @ Parcours Danse 2023

Danièle Desnoyers and Taoufiq Izeddiou
60 minutes


Presented as part of the official Parcours Danse 2023 program, Montréal-Marrakech is an atypical work, open to otherness, dialogue and exchange, bringing together the universes and visions of choreographers Danièle Desnoyers and Taoufiq Izeddiou. Scrutinizing the penumbra and the in-between, they have co-created a work for four performers (two from Montreal and two from Marrakech), in close interaction with Montreal composer Ben Shemie and lighting designer Hugo Dalphond. Montréal-Marrakech questions the possibilities, the gaze of the other, the relationship to the performer, to space and light, to the very act of creating. A unique, stimulating, sensitive and engaging experience.

Montréal-Marrakech is a Carré des Lombes production, in partnership with Anania Danses and Le Festival On Marche – Marrakech / Compagnie Taoufiq Izeddiou, co-produced with the Festival Montpellier Danse 2023.

Co-produced by
Le Carré des Lombes and Anania Danses Cie