Jun 24

July, 18 and 19

Les Scénographies-Paysages @ SANTA CRISTINA

Le carré des Lombes
In Person
90 minutes


The Scénographies-Paysages cycle ventures across the ocean for the first time, extending its roots to Sardinia and embodying itself in outdoor spaces charged with island memory.

Conceived by Danièle Desnoyers, the artistic project brings together seven performers from Quebec and Italy to test a choreographic score that echoes three distinct contexts: the port area of Cagliari, the wild and monumental olive grove of San Sisinnio Park, and the Nuragic Sanctuary of Santa Cristina.

Les Scénographies-Paysages en Sardaigne, a poetic dialogue with the various spaces, takes the form of wandering tours. A cappella singing intertwines with natural sound environments, inviting the spectator to move around. The performers’ bodies adapt to contact with existing structures. They respond to the presence of geometric patterns on the ground and navigate between walls, niches, rotundas and excavated sacred wells. Together, the artists draw on local culture and legends, slipping nimbly between the traces of time and the presence of the living.


Scénographies-Paysages en Sardaigne is produced by Le Carré des Lombes in partnership with Fabbrica Europa (European CRISOL program), Tersicorea T.Off/Officina delle arti sceniche, Centre de production de danse FUORIMARGINE, the Italian Cultural Institute (cultural section of the Consulate General of Italy in Montreal), Art Circulation and ATSA, Quand l’art passe à l’action.

Danièle Desnoyers