Les précédents

Marie Béland

The ambulatory piece Les précédents highlights the architecture of a site by integrating the dancers with the lines of force of the landscape and with the movements of the passers-by. Inspired by the mobile and the immobile, by the permanent and the ephemeral, the performers give us a different view of this constantly teeming place that is a public space.

Les Précedents is a performance of variable duration that can be presented in any outdoor context. Built as a circuit, the piece was designed to blend into chaotic urban environments. By its contemplative character, it acts as a lull in the heart of the incessant whirlwind of human activity. The experience can be continued with workshops open to the public where all can take part in Les Précédents by performing the piece in the company of the dancers.



Marie Béland

Interpreters in 2021

in rotation Rodrigo Alvarenga, Zoey Gauld, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Alexia Martel, Abe Simon Mijnheer, Marilyne St-Sauveur, Anne Thériault, Andrew Turner

Interpreters for the creative process

Isabelle Arcand, Amélie Bédard-Gagnon, Geneviève Gauvreau, Hugo Gravel, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Anne Thériault

Artistic advisor for the creative process

Katya Montaignac


Art Circulation


Michel de Silva