maribé – sors de ce corps

BESIDE © Laurent PhilippeDéplacements sonore © Dimitri HaddadDieu ne t’a pas créé juste pour danser © Mathieu DoyonLes précédents © Dimitri Haddad MARIBÉ – SORS DE CE CORPS is a contemporary dance compagny that bases its activities on creations that explore the way in which our bodies are transformed in contact with the stage, submitting […]

Montréal Danse

All in All © Mayssan CharafeddineBESIDE © Laurent PhilippeInstant Community © Montréal DanseInvisible © Denis Martin Montréal Danse is a contemporary dance company under the artistic direction of Kathy Casey that produces contemporary dance performances with choreographers invited to create. They rethink, redefine and rework what dance is. Through a process of creating, questioning performance […]

Le Carré des Lombes

UNFOLD © Sylvie-Ann ParéUNFOLD © Sylvie-Ann ParéLes Scénographies-Paysages © Luc SenécalLes Scénographies-Paysages © Luc Senécal Le Carré des Lombes is a contemporary dance company marked by the unique universe of choreographer Danièle Desnoyers. For 30 years, it has continuously generated activities related to creation, production, dissemination, teaching, and audience development at the local, national, and […]