Marc Boivin

The door opened West © Michael SlobodianThe door opened West © Sarah Chase A highly sensitive dancer, Marc Boivin has led a brilliant career for over three decades, collaborating with numerous choreographers, including Ginette Laurin, Louise Bédard, Sylvain Émard, Jean-Pierre Perreault, James Kudelka, Tedd Robinson, Dominique Porte, Felix Ruckert, Mélanie Demers, and Catherine Tardif. In addition to […]

Katia-Marie Germain

Habiter © Olivier Desjardins Chambres © Olivier Desjardins Katia-Marie Germain uses visual arts to further explore the choreographic field. Rooted in the notion of presence and the concept of “inhabit”, her artistic approach addresses the dynamics that unite body and space within performance. Working with finesse and precision on the relationship between movements, scenography and light, […]

Audrée Juteau

Mystic-Informatic © Nicolas Biaux Mystic-Informatic © Nicolas Biaux Audrée Juteau‘s experimental contemporary dance works contain an element of unpredictability and seek to place humans, animals and objects on an equal footing. Seeking to create new choreographic experiences, in her pieces Poisson (2013) and Sam affecte (2015) she worked with her dog, whom she considered a […]

George Stamos

Recurrent Measures Deluxe © Kim Sanh ChauRecurrent Measures Deluxe © Kim Sanh ChauRecurrent Measures Deluxe © Kim Sanh Chau Montréal based choreographer/dancer/ director/teacher George Stamos has been active in the professional contemporary dance world since the mid-1990s. Originally from Nova Scotia Canada, George received his BFA (Dance) from The Amsterdam University of the Arts in […]