Habiter © Olivier Desjardins
Chambres © Olivier Desjardins

Katia-Marie Germain


Katia-Marie Germain uses visual arts to further explore the choreographic field. Rooted in the notion of presence and the concept of “inhabit”, her artistic approach addresses the dynamics that unite body and space within performance. Working with finesse and precision on the relationship between movements, scenography and light, she creates highly visual choreographic works that reveal an ambiguous relationship to time and to the other. The environments she stages are driven by the desire to renew the perceptions of the dancer and the spectator and capture the gaze, inspiring wonder and contemplation.

With a BFA in Visual Arts (Laval, 2007) and Dance (Concordia, 2010), Katia-Marie has been creating projects as a choreographer and performer since 2012. Over the years, she presented her works in various venues and festivals, and she received support from artistic exchange programs in Belgium (2010), Chile (2012), France (2014), and Italy (2018). From 2013 to 2017, Katia-Marie completed a Master’s degree in dance at UQÀM, enabling her to develop a singular interdisciplinary approach on the border between the visual and choreographic arts. Her researches were highlighted by various distinctions such as the FARE scholarship, the Pierre-Lapointe (2013) and the David-Kilburn (2015) Awards. In 2018, following the presentation of her work Habiter, Katia-Marie received the Prix Découverte de la danse de Montréal, awarded to an artist who stands out as a revelation within the dance milieu. This work, presented on tour in and around Montreal, allowed the choreographer to tour in Canada and in Europe, including at the prestigious Venice Biennale in Italy (2019).