Mystic-Informatic © Nicolas Biaux
Mystic-Informatic © Nicolas Biaux

Audrée Juteau


Audrée Juteau‘s experimental contemporary dance works contain an element of unpredictability and seek to place humans, animals and objects on an equal footing. Seeking to create new choreographic experiences, in her pieces Poisson (2013) and Sam affecte (2015) she worked with her dog, whom she considered a performer with the same power to move the audience as her stage partners.

Her ways of inhabiting the choreographic world and her relationship with the audience were particularly central to the works. With Strange strangers (2017) inanimate objects were seen as having the same power to affect and she worked with self-hypnosis in the creative process as a means of decentralising the will. With Mystic-Informatic, she returned to collective creation with N. Zoey Gauld, Catherine Lavoie-Marcus and Ellen Furey. For this creation, they imagine together methodologies borrowed from the fungal world.

Originally from Abitibi, Audrée Juteau graduated from LADMMI (EDCM) in 2003. An experienced performer, she has worked with several choreographers and companies such as Katie Ward, Deborah Dunn, Estelle Clareton, Sonya Biernath, Jordi Ventura, Aurélie Pedron and the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault… In 2016, she completed her master’s degree in contemporary dance at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Attracted by the creative flow resulting from artistic encounters, Audrée carried out her first choreographic experiments within the group The Choreographers. The porosity between performance and life fascinates her and is at the heart of her creations. Her work has been presented in Canada, the United States and France. In 2018, Juteau established L’Annexe-A, a creation and support organization for artists. Located in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region of Quebec.