Katia-Marie Germain

In a breakfast table setting reminiscent of everyday reality, illuminated by a single light source, Habiter explores the relationship between movements and images. An aesthetic of chiaroscuro unveils a series of both strange and familiar actions that are punctuated by the intermittent movement of light, and which temporarily plunge the room into darkness. Playing with illusion and perception of time, the visible and invisible movements of the bodies quietly and subtly alter the visual space, as if a painting is coming to life before our eyes. We are called on to pay close attention as the familiar becomes an increasingly strange fiction.


Choreography, scenography and sound

Katia-Marie Germain



Marie-Gabrielle Ménard, Katia-Marie Germain


Rehearsal direction

Lucie Vigneault, Ginelle Chagnon



Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique, La Briqueterie centre chorégraphique du Val-de-Marne

With the support of

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts de Montréal



Art Circulation



Tangente (Montreal), 2017



Sandrick Mathurin