May 23

May 30, 2023
Studio Flak (486 Sainte-Catherine W #305, Montréal, QC H3B 1A6)

Vitrines conjointes || Art Circulation + Flak + FÔVE Diffusion + Nordberg Movement (day 2)

In Person
6,5 Hours


Art Circulation is pleased to partner with Flak, FÔVE Diffusion and Nordberg Movement to present thirteen showcases in conjunction with the 2023 Festival TransAmériques (FTA). This alternative joint showcase, aimed at presenters, is an opportunity for us to reinforce the collaborative spirit in the world of contemporary dance and performance.


Lilith & Cie | Aurélie Pédron
FÔVE Diffusion
14h : Pitch

FORÊT is a creation project with six performers, four blind and two sighted. We are curious about how movement becomes a way of seeing in the complex process of vision. Troubling habitual landmarks, FORÊT disrupts the paradigms of sight, and eventually of performance.


Danièle Desnoyers et Taoufiq Izeddiou
Art circulation
14h30 : Présentation-démonstration

Open to otherness, dialogue and exchange, Montréal-Marrakech reconciles the worlds and visions of choreographers Danièle Desnoyers and Taoufiq Izeddiou. Focusing on the half-light and in-between, they co-create a work for four performers (two from Montreal, two from Marrakech) in close interaction with Montreal composer Ben Shemie and lighting designer Hugo Dalphond. Montréal-Marrakech questions the possibilities, the view of the other, the relationship to the performer, to the space and light, to the very act of creation. An original, stimulating, sensitive and highly engaging experience.


The door opened west
Marc Boivin
Art Circulation
15h00 : Extrait

Halfway between theatre and dance, The door opened west, by Sarah Chase, tells with finesse and emotion a very personal story of performer Marc Boivin. In a journey into the depths of memory, remembrance and the emotional charge of the place, the empty space of the room comes to life in the lighting of James Proudfoot and the sound environment of Antoine Bédard. The staging of a life, the notions of identity, destiny and free will, and the influence we have on each other are particularly relevant in this encounter between the performer and the choreographer.


Caroline Laurin-Beaucage & Montréal Danse
FÔVE Diffusion
15h30 : Extrait

With its cinematic aesthetics that split up time and space, GROUND reveals in the material of the body the nature of our human condition, showing glimpses of everything that, instinctively or physiologically, keeps us together.


La disparition des choses
Amélie Rajotte
FÔVE Diffusion
16h00 : Pitch

What if Nature no longer existed? Cut off from this essential force, the performers Amélie Rajotte and Marie-Philippe Santerre try to keep the memory of a vanished environment alive. Supported in their quest by two musicians and the landscape projections of Nelly-Ève Rajotte, they touch, tear and stir, digging through materials, surfaces and invisible reliefs.


Le Flâneur
Bill Coleman
FÔVE Diffusion
16h30 : Extrait

Accompanied by a single musician, a costumed dancer performs a daily ritual of unplanned, spontaneous performances that traverse a variety of urban and rural locations.