May 22

May 26 to 29, 2022
from 5 pm

INVISIBLE (OFFTA official program)

Montréal Danse, Danse-Cité, Lilith Cie
Contemporary / Interactive installation
In person
72 h


For 72 uninterrupted hours, Invisible activates a shared celebration space inviting the public, 9 dancers and a dog to play, exchange and connect. In a joyful complicity, the spectators are called upon to live and follow the continuum of time, as well as to contribute to the transformation of the piece through various interventions.

In this proposal, temporality becomes master of the work. Far from being a eulogy to exhaustion, this space is more of a journey that uses the strength of the group to overcome limits and thresholds, whether personal or collective.

Artistic direction
Aurélie Pedron