Oct 23

November 24, 2023
08.00 p.m.
Salle Anaïs-Allard-Rousseau, Trois-Rivières


Maribé - sors de ce corps et Montréal Danse
60 minutes


Fake news, building of the truth: how does the body contribute to giving credibility to dominant discourses?

Borrowing words and movements from local media, BESIDE’s performers take on the identity of the mass media as a whole. Using radio broadcasts from each city where the piece is performed, a verbal score is created. To this is added the gestural score, entirely modeled on the movements seen on television public affairs programs. In this danced reflection, Marie Béland questions the flood of information that is our daily lot in life, and at the same time splashes out on our relationship to truth and the media.

An opportunity to examine how radios in Quebec dance.

Accompanying the show, the installation RADIOMATON invites the public to experience the fascinating process behind the performance.

Maribé - sors de ce corps and Montréal Danse