Oct 22

Satellites Programming (OFF-CINARS)

The CINARS International Performing Arts Market is fast approaching in Montreal. In addition to the ON and OFF programming, Art Circulation and its members offer you the Art Circulation Satellites Programming which will include works by Montréal Danse, maribé – sors de ce corps, Le Carré des Lombes, Audrée Juteau, George Stamos, Marc Boivin and Katia-Marie Germain!


  • UNFOLD| 7 PERSPECTIVES by Danièle Desnoyers on November 8 (as part of OFF-CINARS at Circuit-Est)
  • RADIOMATON by Marie Béland and Simon Laroche between November 8th and 11th at Galerie POPOP / BELGO building (as part of OFF-CINARS Circuit-Est)
  • All in All – L’OGRE, LE PHÉNIX ET L’AMI FIDÈLE by Benoît Lachambre on November 8 (Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique / 1881 rue St-André, studio C)
  • MYSTIC – INFORMATIC by Audrée Juteau, November 9, as part of the showcase Swedish and Canadians – movement from two countries
  • THE DOOR OPENED WEST by Sarah Chase and Marc Boivin, November 9 and 11 (Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique / 1881 rue St-André, studio C)
  • BESIDE / Conference-demonstration by Marie Béland on November 10 (as part of OFF-CINARS at Circuit-Est)
  • RECURRENT MEASURES DELUXE by George Stamos, November 10 (during OFF-CINARS at Circuit-Est)
  • CHAMBERS [premier cycle] by Katia-Marie Germain, November 12 (Espace Libre / 1945 Rue Fullum)

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