The Body according to…

The Body according to…


Marie Béland:

“ I think the body as the expression of everything that we absorb. Everything our senses can perceive moulds and shapes us, animates us, causing us to act somehow. Our thoughts, opinions and emotions transform and propel our flesh. Our bodies are vectors. I really couldn’t care less whether we call this dance or not. I am fascinated by what makes the body alive. ”

Benoît Lachambre:

“ The body is a vector of meanings and connections. It presents us with a laboratory for exploring the ever-shifting mobilities and dynamics of everything that comprises it.

The body’s mobility is not merely spatial; it pertains to identity and is in constant cellular mutation. It is in a perpetual cycle of transformation. The body is not simply a separate and autonomous entity. It is a binding agent, in flux. It is recognition and cohabitation, coexisting with everything that surrounds and comprises it, in an act of creation. Defining its adaptations in relation to its environment, the body, through the filter of our senses, becomes this multitude of influences. The empathic abilities of the body surpass all expectations and preconceived values.

The body presents us with an infinite range of the possible, in direct measure to the openness that we are prepared to grant it. ”

Mélanie Demers:

“ The body is failure

The body is celebration

The body is prison

The body is ceremony

The body is hurt, is humiliated

The body is roadmap, forgotten at the bottom of the glove compartment

The body is vehicle

The body is distinguishing feature

The body is flea market, pawnshop, nightclub

The body is up for auction

The body is covert

The body is threats

The body is screwed

The body is without the shadow of a doubt

The body is palliative care

The body is sovereign

The body is magical

The body is gooey sex

The body is helpless baby we must protect otherwise he will die

The body is nervous shock

The body is vital sign

The body is tremor

The body is every thing

The body is canon fodder

The body is weak spot

The body is slave

The body is enclave

The body is all things considered

The body is eruption

The body is exclusive preserve

The body is out of stock

The body is disappearance

The body is endangered

The body is raw nerve

The body is war machine

The body is inventory

The body is ugly

The body is perfect as it is.”

Kathy Casey:

“ In our recent creation, Instant Community, my view of the performing body was altered. This work is a reflection on how we reflexively film everything we experience so that real becomes virtual. The movement of the live dancers in the piece was determined by what was necessary for their projected images to have the movement qualities of the visual illusions being created. The actual dancers became secondary, in a sense, to their virtual selves. The real actions often looked quite banal in comparison to their more spectacular projected selves. The surprise was how particular and interesting the presence of this secondary performance was to watch.”

 David Albert-Toth & Emily Gualtieri:

“We see the body as both a vehicle of our will and as a resisting force to it. It is within it that we hold our stories and it is with it that we try our best to recount them. It is also our shell – our protective barrier. This must be nurtured and strengthened. It must also be broken down. The body then is fundamentally the meeting point between the inner and the outer, both on a very real, physiological level, and on a poetic plane. It is in the brash meeting of contrasting solitudes (in/out, willed/unwilled…) that our truth emanates. The interesting thing, then, is to question how we put the body in dialogue with itself.”