Reel two Real

A new collaboration between Benoît Lachambre, Par B.L.eux and Montréal Danse following Prisms!

Reel to Real is an hours long performance unfolding in successive loops where the bodies of the performers (Elinor Fueter, Rachel Harris) are not choreographed but choreographic, where countless hoops amplify their movements, their presence, thus revealing the bodies and the spaces between and among them. Reel to Real deploys in a setting without assigned seating: around two sets of risers, the audience is free to circulate, get closer. Everyone is free to enter and leave the room at any time, everyone choses their viewpoint, their engagement, their proximity. Unhooking from frontality, the performance unfolds freely in the space, creating its own rhythm.

In creation

Choreographer Benoît Lachambre once again demonstrates how he powerfully and touchingly unveils bodies and their radiation. Hoops multiply, intertwine; they become spheres, rings, frames, webs and nests. They conduct femininities and energies, reverberation and resonance, evoking ideas of impermanence and shift. As the spheres build up, as the hoops orbit, the regularity of the failures and collapses fascinates as much as the dexterity and calmness of the performers. Reel to Real captivates through this recurrence of fleeting beauty and risk.

With the musical creation of Michel F Côté, playing with loops, and with the (upcoming) lighting design of Jean JauvinReel to Real plays with intimacy and spontaneity, triggering empathy and a surprising collective joyfulness. Non-spectacular and obsessive, the performance opens a multitude of relationships and complicities, working its way like a contagion.


Choreographer: Benoît Lachambre // Performers: Elinor Fueter, Rachel Harris // Lighting: Jean Jauvin // Music: Michel F Côté // Dramaturge: Kathy Casey

Production : Montréal Danse

Coproduction: Par B.L.eux

 (About Prisms) We know Benoît Lachambre is never coy, repetitious or fearful. As a performer, and maybe even more as a choreographer, he has always managed to transform everything he touches, that’s to say the way a performer moves, what he knows or what he gives of himself. Numerous performers, famous here or in Europe, have been able to reveal unsuspected aspects of their resources and talents, with the possibility of us no longer even recognizing them. 

Aline Apostolska, in La Presse, 2014

 Inventive, demanding, trailblazing, tireless and fascinating, Benoît Lachambre is one of Quebec’s most important choreographers. Prisms illustrates just how much impact his work has on our discipline. 

Kathy Casey

Choreographer : Benoît Lachambre
A production of Montréal Danse and Par B.L.eux