Prismes – Benoît Lachambre / Montréal Danse

A  Benoît Lachambre & Montréal Danse project. Artistic direction Kathy Casey

In shaping Prisms, Benoît Lachambre leads the audience into perception games that study the presence of the body and the radiance of light, exploring the ways bodies interact and communicate. How does a presence (such as a body, an object, an action, a look) reveal itself? How does a body radiate?

Benoît Lachambre was awarded the prestigious Prix du CALQ – Best Choreographic Work of the 2013-2014 Season for Prismes (Prisms)!

With the complicity of the company’s six performers, lighting designer Lucie Bazzo, Benoît Lachambre unveils these different forms of presence in playing with vivid and fluctuating colors, sometimes outrageously opposed, in creating visual discrepancies, causing losses of balance, distorted symmetries, intensified illusions. The choreographer stages disruptions of bodies, voices, light and rituals, disruptions that are either grotesque or subtle and that throw the senses into confusion.

Benoît Lachambre questions the truthfulness of presence and, in the process, a retinal/emotional/physical imprint is evoked in the spectator creating an obvious visual pleasure. Prisms is an experiment that is neither scientific nor psychedelic but intense, unsettling and jubilant. These games reveal the incongruous, the unusual, and open layers of perception and reflection, unveiling the numerous and perpetual fictions that reality creates.

With its playfulness, its delirious soundtrack, its extravagant performers, Prisms is a tremendous piece, that hopefully will be presented again in Montreal.


With the constraints that the structure imposes on the bodies, and thanks to the piece’s wide palette of bright colours permeating the retina, there’s no doubt Prisms is a show whose images will continue to haunt us.

Local Gestures


Choreographer: Benoît Lachambre | Artistic Advisor: Kathy Casey | Performers:  Elinor Fueter, Annik Hamel, Rachel Harris, Sylvain Lafortune, Manuel Roque, Peter Trosztmer | Lights: Lucie Bazzo | Music: Laurent Maslé, Tomas Furey | Technical Director: Karine Gauthier | Sound Technican: Guillaume Cavaliere

Large stage, white dance floor, white cyclorama

Tour in Europe (Germany, Belgium, Finland) currently in discussions

Choregrapher : Benoît Lachambre
A production of Montréal Danse
Playful | Visceral | Extravagant | Colourful | Intense
Website : Montréal (PDF)

Premiered October 4, 2013 at Théâtre Centennial in Lennoxville (Quebec) and premiered in Montreal October 16, 2013 at L’Agora de la danse | Performances at Canada Dance Festival (Ottawa, June 2014), Série Danse Danse (Montreal, December 2014), Quebec City (November, 2015) | Tour in Denmark (April, 2016) | 2016-2017: performances at Tanzmesse Düsseldorf (Sept 1), at  SPAF 2016 in Seoul (Oct. 23-24), at SIPFest 2016 in Jakarta (Oct 29-30), in Montreal as part of Conseil des Arts de Montréal en tournée (Feb-April, 2017), in Halifax (April 27-29) |  Available for touring