Par B.L.eux

Par B.L.eux
Par B.L.eux is a contemporary creation company that re-defines dance by emphasizing the importance of dialogue between mediums, artists and spectators. Its artistic director and founder Benoît Lachambre puts into practice an approach that shares Somatic practices, that he draws upon for his creations, performances and workshops.

Since 25 years its mission is to create and produce works in a spirit of openness and collaboration, while encouraging inter-disciplinary relationships in dance. The company helps to promote international exchanges and multiplies opportunities for encounters between artists from diverse artistic and geographic backgrounds.

With about twenty performative and choreographic works, in his repertoire Par B.L.eux defends an evolution of dance based on shared creative processes, encourages the redefinition of roles and a constant questioning of the boundaries between disciplines and mediums.

Par B.L.eux develops activities in three fields :
– The creation and production of singular performative works
– Pedagogy
– Supporting associated artists such as Clara Furey and Dana Michel

Founder and artistic director of Par B.L.eux, Benoît Lachambre is a major artist/choreographer/performer of his generation, evolving in the field of dance since 1970. Since the founding of Par B.L.eux in 1996, Benoît Lachambre has created 18 works, participated in more than 20 outdoor productions and received 25 choreographic commissions.

Along with his work as choreographer and performer, Benoît Lachambre is known for his talent as an educator, having given classes and workshops around the world over the last 25 years.

Using a range of movement that draws upon the realm of possibility, Lachambre invites the dancers and the audience to re-connect with a deep awareness of feeling and perception. He decided to immerse himself in an exploratory approach to movement and its sources, to seek out the authenticity of movement. His work, both as a choreographer and a performer, has at its centre the hyper-awareness of the senses, and the connection between the somatic and the artistic is central to his practice.

His trilogy, started with the solo, Lifeguard in 2016, and continued with Fluid Grounds in 2018, a group work, is part of an ever more present desire to engage consciences, creativities and mediums, to de-compartmentalize the choreographic gesture and redefine the roles of spectator performers.

He affirms and deepens this will through All in All, a work currently being created co-produced with Montréal Danse that will close the triptych. Resolutely transdisciplinary and anchored in the sharing of creative processes, All in All is a journey to the heart of new spectacularities. An invitation to plural perspectives and intersecting realities.

Inside Art Circulation’s portfolio: Lifeguard | Fluid Grounds


Par B.L.eux : 5425 Casgrain avenue, suite 200, Montréal (QC), H2T 1X6, Canada | | +1 514 596- 2127

PAR B.L.EUX is supported by Canada Arts Council, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, Conseil des Arts de Montréal.