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For the last 30 years, Montréal Danse has been committed to creating powerful, singular and fascinating pieces of contemporary dance and nourishing creativity through innovative processes.

The company plays an important role in the development of choreographic careers in its reputed creative workshops and labs, where means are given to creators to fully interrogate, develop and strengthen their visions and skills, supported by our experienced performers and our Artistic Director.

Through its generosity and involvement, Montréal Danse expands the definition of a dance company and the impact it can have in the community and with numerous choreographers.  The company’s repertory boasts more than 50 works that have been touring and standing out on the stages of Quebec and far beyond.

Recently with choreographers such as Jean-Sébastien Lourdais, George Stamos, Benoît Lachambre. Currently with Marie Béland, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Peter Quanz.

For the last 6 years, Montréal Danse has also been accomplishing a discreet but crucial community-based work, empowering women through Dance Against Violence workshops.


INSTANT COMMUNITY | Peter Quanz + collective [ Montréal Danse ]

Tuesday, November 14 | 6pm

Tuesday, November 14  | 9:30pm

Two performances (showcases) | Studio Paul-André Fortier (4th floor | Édifice Wilder – espace danse | 1435, Bleury

BESIDE | Marie Béland [ Montréal Danse + maribé – sors de ce corps ]

Tuesday, November 13 | 8:15pm

Wednesday, November 14  | 12:15pm

Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique | Studio Peter Boneham | 2022 Sherbrooke West

GROUND | Caroline Laurin-Beaucage [ Montréal Danse + Lorganisme ]

Thursday, November 15  | 8pm

Public performance | Maison de la culture Claude-Léveillée | 911, rue Jean-Talon West (Jean-Talon Metro Station)

REBO(U)ND | Caroline Laurin-Beaucage [ Montréal Danse + Lorganisme + HUB Studio ]

November 14-15-16 | 7pm > 10pm

Outside Saint-Laurent metro station | Corner of Saint-Laurent & Maisonneuve



GROUND + REBO(U)ND | A new diptych with choreographer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, following Matière blanche / White Matter. A production of companies Montréal Danse, Lorganisme and HUB studio.

Between | Successful European premiere at Festival ArtDanThé (Paris) and European tour, March 2015  | Premiere in Montreal at L’agora de la danse, February, 2016 | Performance at Sounded Bodies Festival in Zagreb in 2016

Instant Community | An exciting piece and a collective creation by Peter Quanz, Peter Trosztmer, Brice Noeser, Sylvain Lafortune, Bernard Martin and Kathy Casey. Premiere: January 2018, Agora de la danse, Montreal.

Prisms | Prix du CALQ – Best Choreographic Work of the 2013-2014 season awarded to Benoît Lachambre in December 2014 during the performances at Cinquième Salle de la Place-des-Arts as part of Danse Danse programming | Performances in Quebec and Canada | Tour in Denmark in April, 2016 | Tour of Asia in the fall of 2016 | Performances in Montreal in 2017 as part of Conseil des Arts de Montréal en tournée | Performance at Live Art Dance, Halifax, April 2017


Reel to Real | In Creation | A new piece with choreographer Benoît Lachambre, following Prisms, with performers Elinor Fueter and Rachel Harris. Production: Montréal Danse, in coproduction with Par B.L.eux. To premiere in 2018 (excerpts of the work-in-progress available upon request).

BESIDE | In Creation | A new piece with choreographer Marie Béland, the final piece of the BEHIND+BETWEEN+BESIDE trilogy, with performers Rachel Harris, Sylvain Lafortune and Bernard Martin. A partnership and coproduction between companies Montréal Danse and maribé – sors de ce corps (excerpts of the work upon request). Creation Residencies in England and Wales, fall 2017.


Montréal Danse has received the exceptional support of the Arts Council of Canada as part of the New Chapter initiative dedicated to celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary for its joint project with choreographer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage:

GROUND and REBO(U)ND are two works of a new diptych by choreographer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, produced by Montréal Danse with Lorganisme and HUB Studio.

A stage piece for 5 performers, GROUND works with the constraints of gravity, rebound and coordination, revealing the drives, dynamics and unconscious interdependencies common to social bodies. An organic and combative contemplation of conscience and survival, GROUND is “earth, ice, dirt, jolt, breath, palpation, path, temporality, finality.

A multimedia piece to be projected by mapping on facades and urban surfaces, REBO(U)ND explores in its own way the same themes. Bodies gravitate, looking away to the vanishing point. Contemplating falling without vertigo and entertaining ideas of immortality, REBO(U)ND is “liberty, detachment, abandonment, oblivion… the possibility of being, effortlessly.


Next Research Event to be announced.

The next Choreographic Research Workshop will take place December, 2018.

Montréal Danse is supported by Canada Arts Council, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, Conseil des Arts de Montréal, as well as by Emploi Québec for its Choreographic Research Workshops.