Inside Art Circulation’s portfolio:

DANSE MUTANTE, Mélanie Demers, Ann Liv Young, Kettly Noël, Ann Van den Broek
ICONE POP, Mélanie Demers

MAYDAY – Mélanie Demers
MAYDAY chooses to be a place of exchange and reflection, a sort of artistic think tank, for the artists working with Mélanie Demers. They come from various spheres, some from Montreal, home base of the company, others from around the world. Their personalities are both dazzling and eclectic. Here, the maturation of the work is a collective process. The physicality, rhythm and images used in the choreographies are characteristic elements of MAYDAY’s works, which find their meaning when encountering with the public. MAYDAY uses the stage as a platform to examine the role of the artist and uses the theatre as a space to meditate on the fate of the world and individuals. Its works, unquestionably committed, are simultaneous distress signals and an invitation to change. Since its creation in 2007, the company has developed international collaborations and was already presented in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.


ART CIRCULATION : Canada, Mexico and Asia (All works) Europe (All works except Danse Mutante)
A PROPIC (Line Rousseau) : Danse Mutante in Europe (
MENNO PLUKKER THEATRE AGENT INC : Australia, New Zealand, USA, South America, Africa (