Les Précédents


An architectural and choreographic project

Born in 2008 from collaboration between the Théâtre de Verdure of Montreal and the choreographer Marie Béland, followed by 42 presentations in 12 years, the architectural and choreographic project Les Précédents is back this autumn. The performance can be accompanied by open workshops during which the public could share in the experience of Les Précédents in interpreting the piece alongside the dancers.

Choreographer : Marie Béland
Produced by : maribé – sors de ce corps
Première Performance: July 9th, 2008, Théâtre de verdure, Parc Lafontaine, Montréal (remounted September 26, 2020 at Faubourg Boisbriand)
Duration : variable (site and situation specific)
Number of performers : 6
Number on the road : 8

Interpreters for the creative process : Isabelle Arcand, Amélie Bédard-Gagnon, Geneviève Gauvreau, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Anne Thériault.
Interpreters (alternating casts) : Isabelle Arcand, Amélie Bédard-Gagnon, Geneviève Gagné, Geneviève Gauvreau, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Louliko Shibao, Marilyne St-Sauveur, Anne Thériault, Andrew Turner.
Concepteur sonore et interprète: Hugo Gravel
Conseillère artistique : Katya Montaignac

Website : www.maribe.ca/productions/lesprecedents/

Agent de diffusion : Art Circulation
Québec (Luce Couture): luce@artcirculation.org
Canada, Europe, Asie (Karolina Rychlik): developpement@artcirculation.org