El silencio de las cosas presentes

El silencio de las cosas presentes is a long-length performative experience. Its dramaturgical structure is inspired by the onirical universe. El silencio de las cosas presentes does not seek to represent virtuosity, but rather to put in constant relation the perception and its resonance in the imaginary.

This nearly 3 hours sensory journey is an invitation to build a space of listening and letting go. Based on a reflection about the haptic perception seen as an extreme touch awareness the performers’ actions activate our senses and kinesthetic empathy, exploring the thin line between risk, danger and pain. Physical distortion, altered perception and temporal lag lead Sophie Levasseur, Marie Mougeolle and Eduardo Ruiz Vergara to reinvent themselves by experiencing a succession of different embodied states. They go through the chapters of the piece, solo or duet forms, patiently built in close relationship to the soundscapes created by Nathan Giroux and Gabriel Vignola as well as Lee Anholt’s evocative lighting. This choreographic opus at the crossroads of performance, dance and live experimental music redefines the performance experience and our expectations: taking time to live an experience, letting us be deeply affected, moved or touched by this experience, letting it exhaust us or regenerate us… El Silencio de las cosas presentes is a strong answer to the chronic lack of contemplative time and space of our society. It invites us to dive into our sensible word, and make its impact in our lives stronger.

The piece is comprised of eleven central chapters that evolves over a variable duration and does not correspond to a predefined or pre-established form. We invite you to discover this choreographic opus and give it a meaning that belongs to you.

You have the choice to leave, return, fall asleep or remain on site as long as you want : Préface / Collapse / Inachevé / Anamoprhoses / Piano / Asséner / Objets / Inachevé / Avaler / El Silencio / Défaillance / Inachevé / El silencio / Cabello / Coda

Eduardo’s biography

Eduardo has been active in Colombia since 2001, developing contemporary dance as a teacher, researcher, choreographer and co-director of Estantres Danza in Bogota. He has signed more than fifteen artistic creations, exploring the cross-relationships between sound, image and movement. Recipient of numerous scholarships and awards in Colombia, the choreographer-researcher moved to Montreal in 2012 and has been working on the notion of a poetic body as part of his doctoral studies at UQAM. Creating and staging sensory experiences that use haptic perception as a choreographic tool is now at the center of his artistic approach. His latest creation, El silencio de las cosas presentes, was presented in January 2019 at La Chapelle theatre in Montreal, produced by Danse-Cité with support from the Quebec Council for Arts and Letters, the Montreal_arts_interculturels and the Quebec Dance School.

Choreographer : Eduardo Ruiz Vergara
Produced by : Danse Cité
Première Performance : Danse Cité at La Chapelle, January 2019
Duration : 3 hours
Number of performers : 3

Financial support : Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Creation Residencies and partners : La Ruche du MAI [Montréal, arts interculturels], UQAM-Département de danse, École de danse de Québec, Studio Artificiel, Fylkingen (Suède), Compagnie Flak/José Navas

El silencio de las cosas presentes was presented from January 2019, 16 to 26 (8 shows) at La Chapelle, Scènes Contemporaines (Montreal), as part of Danse-Cité’s « Traces-Chorégraphes ».


Concept : Eduardo Ruiz Vergara
Creation-performance : Marie Mougeolle, Sophie Levasseur, Eduardo Ruiz Vergara
Sound design : Nathan Giroux, Gabriel Vignola
Dramaturgy and outside eye : Ilya Krouglikov, John Henry Gerena
Light design and production management : Lee Anholt
Creative residencies and partnerships : La Ruche, MAI [Montréal, arts interculturels], UQÀM, École de danse de Québec (LEDQ), Studio Artificiel [Vendredi Bouilli], Fylkingen. Nouvelle musique et Art intermédiaire.

Website : www.danse-cite.org/en/shows/2019/el-silencio-de-las-cosas-presentes

Agent de diffusion : Art Circulation
514 476-5400 | agent@artcirculation.org