Dieu ne t’a pas créé juste pour danser

Naïve . Kitsch . Cliché . Incoherent . Hermetic . Narcissistic . Ecstatic .

An ode to what fascinates us in dance.

Dieu ne t’a pas créé juste pour danser (God did not create you to dance) glorifies contemporary dance in all its forms and shapes. Through its mocking airs, the piece draws the portrait of that It factor, of these « je-ne-sais-quoi » (indescribable qualities) defining dance and what we enjoy in it. The show is as much a work of dance as a work about dance.  its ambition is for the art form, with its strengths, idiosyncrasies and flaws to become more known and appreciated.

The piece is filled with humor, a humor that defuses sacredness and drama, giving back access to an art form that can seem hermetic. Beyond its apparent lightness, Dieu ne t’a pas créé juste pour danser openly questions our tastes (even the supposedly indisputable ones), our expectations and our appreciations of dance shows. What touches us, entertains us, makes us think? Don’t our failures and mistakes sometimes reveal themselves as fragile, human, alive and moving?

Choreographer : Marie Béland
Produced by : maribé – sors de ce corps
Première Performance : October 2008, Tangente, Montréal ; March 2018, Maison de la Culture Claude-Léveillée, Montréal
Duration : 80 minutes (general audience version), 70 minutes (young audience version, 14 years old +)
Number of performers : 4
Number on the road : 7 (1 DJ, 1 Directeur Technique, 1 Chorégraphe / directrice de tournée)

Dieu ne t’a pas créé juste pour danser celebrated its 10th Anniversary in  2018 with a 9-week re-creation residency in the Maisons de la culture network in Montreal, followed by a tour in the spring of 2018.

Choreographer : Marie Béland
Dancers and collaborators to the creative process : Dany Desjardins, Zoey Gauld, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Anne Thériault
Musical selection and DJ : MC Gilles
Dramaturg : Katya Montaignac
Rehearsal directors : Marilyne St-Sauveur and Rachel Harris
Light designer : Alexandre Pilon-Guay
Costume designer : Marie Béland, assisted by Sarah Dubé
Technical direction : Mélanie Primeau

Website : www.maribe.ca/en/productions/dieunetapascree_eng/

Agent de diffusion : Art Circulation
514 476-5400 | agent@artcirculation.org