New video (excerpts, filmed at Tĥéâtre 140 in Brussels) : (in French – English version upon request)

BETWEEN combines many important aspects of Marie Béland’s artistic approach. The first of which is the link between art and life and how the choreographic aspect to life allows art and dance to become entwined. What do the dancing body and the everyday body have in common, where do they overlap? In answer, Marie Béland’s focus here is on words as body movement. She uses speech on stage not for the weight of the words but for their lightness.

As the meaning of words is no longer important, the dancers are babbling constantly, at the same time. This tapestry of words opens up a particular type of spectatorship, transferring the visual focus to an auditory one. It encourages us to pay attention to the words’ musicality and compels us to choose between listening to one dancer or to the other.

Embedded in this incessant spoken discourse, body awareness slips into gestural automatisms, thus creating an “invisible choreography” which questions the identity of a dance that is free of gestural dancing, but filled with danced gestures.

Created by: Marie Béland | Performers: Rachel Harris, Esther Rousseau-Morin, Peter Trosztmer | Dramaturg: Kathy Casey | Lights & Technical Direction: Paul Chambers. Photo Credit: Montréal Danse

BETWEEN is a partnership & coproduction of Montréal Danse & maribé – sors de ce corps.


European premiere at Festival ArtDanThe (Paris) and European tour (Belgium, England) in February 2015 with the piece Behind by Marie Béland (a production of maribé – sors de ce corps)

Premiere in 2016 at l’Agora de la danse in Montreal

Performances at Sounded Bodies Festival, Zagreb (Croatia), November 2016

Choreographer : Marie Béland
A project of Montréal Danse & maribé – sors de ce corps
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Premiere in 2016 in Montreal | Available for touring in 2016-2017 | Video of the whole show upon request