UPCOMING SHOWCASES (Off FTA 2019) – May 30, 1pm (w/ French radio) + May 31, 3pm (w/ English radio) [Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique – studio Jeanne-Renaud – 2022 Sherbrooke East] (info/rsvp)

PREMIERE – March 26, 2019, Biennale du Val-de-Marne – with Ardanthé (France)

BESIDE uses real-time radio as a score imposed on the performers, bringing inside the theater fragments of life outside of it, fragments of this beside. This new hour-long work takes the heterogeneous web of news reports, pop music, interviews and car advertising as its choreographic framework, exploring the ways our bodies are modeled and contaminated by the social environment.

Marie Béland deepens her exploration of body habits and stagings of our behaviour’s physicality through speech. Through a continuing series of loops, the performers speak only words they hear live on the radio.  What is remembered from the overload of information that surrounds us? BESIDE circles through a variety of states and tasks that are never completely in synch with the radio, revealing the body caught on the border of the known and unknown, the familiar and strange.

We are then given the opportunity to listen to what they themselves hear on the radio, live, whether it is news flashes or excerpts from songs, and what comes forward is the absurd, disconnected and overabundant side. If the choreographer’s intention is to question the role of the body in transmitting speech, it is quite possible that we will no longer listen as before, to everything that comes to us from the radio media… Which would not be the least of the merits of this creation..



Full show upon request


The trilogy is a collaboration, both artistical and financial, between companies maribé – sors de ce corps and Montréal Danse, and between their respective Artistic Directors, Marie Béland (choreographer) and Kathy Casey (dramaturge). Their encounter dates back to 2008, as part of a Choreographic Research Workshop given by Montréal Danse. It was the start of an artistic affinity that developed over the years, contributing to the creation of BEHIND : une danse dont vous êtes le héros in 2010, BETWEEN in 2015, and finally BESIDE.

For over 15 years, Marie Béland has been creating works where bodies exceed dance: everyday bodies, real bodies are at the center of a complex and subtle choreographic structure. Marie has been focusing recently on the choreography our bodies create while talking.


Choreography & concept: Marie Béland / Performers + collaborators: Rachel Harris, Sylvain Lafortune, Bernard Martin / Costumes : Dave St-Pierre
 Dramaturge: Kathy Casey / Light designer & technical director: Karine Gauthier

Partnership & coproduction: maribé – sors de ce corps & Montréal Danse


2017 :

– Cardiff Dance Festival, Cardiff

– Dance4 International Center for Choreography, Nottingham

2018 :

– Circuit-Est Centre chorégraphique, Montréal

2019 :

– La Rotonde, Québec

– Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne, Terrebonne

– Théâtre Hector-Charland, L’Assomption


A choreography by Marie Béland
A project of maribé – sors de ce corps & Montréal Danse
All audience

In creation