AYIBOBO III: Little house on the prairie

Part 1 : La Factory : A Femme/A Role Model No QT3XP0C
Extended residency + open rehearsal site + event | August 2021

La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model N0 QT3XP0C will act as the research and creation site for AyiboboTM III: Little Dollhouse on the Prairie. Taking up residence for 1 month in Montreal, La Factory: A Femme/A Role Model No QT3XP0C will be a site for experimentation for the community, supporting the production of experimental films and one-off events, which could include a mini kiki ball, musical performances and more. There will also be a harm-reduction info table/workshop that will be facilitated by ASTTeQ, a trans health organization in Montreal. This autonomous space is geared toward empowering community members to appear and define their practices on their own terms, and to engage in sustained artistic exchange with one another. The venue will serve as a drop-in site for the public for approx. 2-3 hours per week, giving the public an exclusive peek into the creative hub that is La Factory, while acting as a promotional vehicle for AyiboboTM III : Little Dollhouse on the Prairie.

Part 2 : AyiboboTM III : Little Dollhouse on the Prairie
Performance | Premiering September 2021 at La Chapelle Theatre, Montreal

AyiboboTM III : Little Dollhouse on the Prairie is an experimental sound, performance and dance work that will be presented over six nights at LaChapelle – Scènes contemporaines, in co-production with Danse-Cité. AyiboboTM III : Little Dollhouse on the Prairie combines pop cultural forms with stories and reflection on voodoo spirituality, imagining and uncovering queer and trans expression and their intersections.
This work will be the third and most ambitious chapter of the Ayibobo project. The two previous chapters were presented by Montreal’s Lux Magna Festival (2019 and 2020).
Haitian Voodoo spirituality was forged by the descendants of enslaved Africans from a plethora of ethnic origins, who were “Christianized” by colonial force. Focusing on a global message that moves towards the decolonization of thought, AyiboboTM III: Little Dollhouse on the Prairie exposes the fact that diversity in sexuality and gender once held a central place in our ancestral cultures. Ayibobo (a word related to Voodoo spirituality which is similar in usage to the Christian “Amen”) presents a group of emerging queer gay trans Afro-descendant artists who work in dance, performance, theatre and music.
Each performer is invited to select one of a panoply of spirits from Voodoo culture and create a solo performance embodying said spirit. Elle Barbara works with each of the performers, on both an intellectual and structural level, inviting them to pair their choreography with improvised moments or movements. The performances are interspersed with audio segments, excerpts from popular culture and television that relate to black queer intersectionality. These issues lead the artists to react, in a critical context.

Agent de diffusion : Art Circulation
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