All in All


A profound reflection on multiple artistic, socio-cultural and political realities, All in All is a voyage through different territories, an invitation to experience cycles through a triangular performative coexistence uniting three cultures: Lebanese, Mexican and Canadian.

Tryptic within a tryptic and deployed in three separate choreographic spaces, the work questions us both as individuals and collectively on the resonance of bodies, movements and consciousnesses. It is an exploration of the indefatigable bonds at work in world dynamics and a questioning of the hierarchies of aesthetics.

The final work in a triptych composed of Lifeguard and Fluid Grounds, All in All reflects Benoît Lachambre’s desire to dialogue with creativities, realities, disciplines and mediums in a multi-faceted choreographic work. It continues his ever evolving desire to question the body and its movements.
Unfolding over many hours, the piece All in All revolves around multiple choreographic territories. The piece allows the appreciation of three simultaneous performances:

Boreal Castles, a duo for Elinor Fueter and Rachel Harris, The Ogre, the Phoenix and the Faithful Friend, a solo for Charlie Prince in dialogue with Tarek Chemaly’s video work and a duo composed of Benoît Lachambre and Ricardo Rubio entitled Perro de Fuego Rata de Agua.

These performances are conceived in a shared process investigating, notably, the politics of gaze, historical amnesia, acknowledgement and resilience. Through this work, Benoît Lachambre at the artistic direction and Kathy Casey, dramaturge, propose an unprecedented spectacularity that favours numerous points of view.

All in All is created for spaces that incite the mobility of the spectator, encouraging a plurality of perspectives. Continually evolving and transdisciplinary, this creation is to be seen as an invitation to new forms of listening and attention.

All in All is a coproduction of Montréal Danse and Par B.L.eux

Choreographer : Benoît Lachambre
Produced by : Montréal Danse and Par B.L.eux
Première Performance: To Be Announced
Duration : 6 hours
Number of performers : 6
Number on the road : 9 (Performers, TD, Tour Manager, Artistic Director)

Credits :

Choreographic ideation and curation : Benoît Lachambre
Performers : Benoît Lachambre, Rachel Harris, Elinor Fueter, Charlie Prince, Ricardo Rubio
Artistic collaborators : Kathy Casey, Rachel Harris, Elinor Fueter, Charlie Prince, Benoît Lachambre, Ricardo Rubio Victor Hugo Malafacha, Abraham Jaykob
Dramaturge : Kathy Casey
Artistic partnership : Kathy Casey and Benoît Lachambre
Visual (video) and artistic creation : Tarek Chemaly

Agent de diffusion : Art Circulation
Québec (Luce Couture):
Canada, Europe, Asie (Karolina Rychlik):