Based on ressources sharing, Art Circulation is an associative organization composed of contemporary dance companies : Danse-Citémaribé – sors de ce corpsMontréal Danse, MAYDAY and Par B.L.eux.

Art Circulation is dedicated to developing awareness and appreciation of the works from choreographers associated with the companies forming and transforming this organization, and giving it its unique signature.

Our philosophy is based on the sharing of knowledge and resources, in a multigenerational and collective perspective.

We respect and uphold in particular the personal and distinctively creative methods that fine-tune over time and effort.

We conjointly choose to defend artistic visions that challenge dance and movement’s more traditional approaches.

Art Circulation persists in building bridges between the representation of a creator’s work and the interest of the cultural market’s representatives, as both are parts of the community that cherishes the dialogue surrounding the evolution of dance and movement.

This organisation brings together not only its five core companies, but also eight choreographers who profit from promotion and association benefits with one or many of their creations : Marie Béland, Audrey Bergeron, Emmanuelle Calvé, Mélanie Demers, Benoit Lachambre, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Manon Oligny, Peter Quanz…

Art Circulation works closely with the artists to identify the correct positioning of their pieces : it can be related to specific territories or identifying which types of venues correspond better to their works.

This way, Art Circulation works for the long term development of relationships that will benefit all of its constituents.

In this regard, we help bring together the different contributors who can draft offers of residency or co-productions.


  •  Planification and advice : helping companies in the planification of their activities and advising them on how to expand their market and outreach
  • Communication and promotion : spreading information on the activities of Art Circulation and its members and advising them on the production of promotional materials regarding market and outreach development
  • Expansion of markets and contacts : developing and consolidating a network that will represent and help the members or the clients on diverse markets, for promotion purposes as well as business development opportunities such as coproductions, residencies, etc.
  • Negotiation and signing of promotional agreements : negotiating and concluding deals in collaboration with the members regarding the promotion of their works and its planification, as well as the organisation of tours respecting the members’ schedule.
  • Professional interaction between and with the members : facilitating and supporting dialogue with and between the members on different subjects related to promotion and market development.

Public support

Conseil des arts du Canada Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec