Art Circulation at OFF-CINARS

Art Circulation at OFF-CINARS

As part of OFF-CINARS, Art Circulation invites promoters, producers, as well as art professionals and dance fans to a series of performances from the companies it counts as members presented on the fringes of the 2016 edition of CINARS.

This series includes works from Mélanie Demers | MAYDAY (Icône Pop, Animal triste), Marie Béland | maribé – sors de ce corps (Between, Beside, in coproduction with Montréal Danse), Montréal Danse (Instant Community), and Manon Oligny | Manon fait de la danse (Fin de série). You may also discover Caroline Laurin-Beaucage and her in-situ installation Habiter sa mémoire at Place-des-Arts.

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BETWEEN | Marie Béland | maribé – sors de ce corps & Montréal Danse

Marie Béland is interested in words as body movement, as sensation. Plunged into an incessant spoken discourse, the body reveals an “invisible choreography” which questions the identity of a dance that is free of gestural dancing, but filled with danced gestures. Circuit-Est – Studio C – November 15, 2016 | 12:45PM – 01:35PM + Circuit-Est – Studio Peter-Boneham – November 17, 2016 | 08:30PM – 09:15PM

Habiter sa mémoire | Caroline-Laurin-Beaucage | Lorganisme

For several uninterrupted hours, positioned inside a box without walls, the performer plunges into the heart of her body’s dance memories. Sensors capture data on Caroline’s physical state and the surrounding atmosphere, and these are retransmitted live during the performance. Outdoor in-situ performance from 04:00PM to 8:30PM | Square next to Place-des-Arts’ main entrance | 175, Sainte-Catherine West [08:00 to 08:30PM – Showcase Off-Cinars]

Animal triste | Mélanie Demers | MAYDAY

In the world’s grand parade, humans are little more than sad animals. But animals that find solace in beauty, in a desire for immortality. Animal Triste is a kind of freeze frame, an attempt to understand nature and the role of mankind in all its humanity. Circuit-Est – Studio Jeanne-Renaud  | November 15, 2016 | 08:30PM – 09:30PM

Promotion in partnership with Suzie Larivée – La Tribu (France & Canada)

Instant Community | Kathy Casey, Sylvain Lafortune, Brice Noeser Peter Quanz, Peter Trosztmer | Montréal Danse

What we create, feel, experience is deeply dependent on how those around us feel, react, interact. A visual as much as a choreographic experience, social rather than spectacular, Instant Community explores our ability to collectively produce meaning and work, questioning our relationships to others, our means of communicating. Circuit-Est – Studio C | November 16, 2016 | 09:00PM – 10:30PM

Fin de série | Manon Oligny | Manon fait de la danse

Fin de série is intended as a choreographic and political manifesto, introducing five girls identically dressed and hair-styled, like androids. They feature typical female forms and stereotypes, appearing as though they have just sprung from a manufacturing plant. Short live performance (5-7min) in a continuous loop | Window display at CDEx UQAM 01:50PM-2:20PM | 405, Sainte-Catherine Est (corner Saint-Denis)

Icône Pop | Mélanie Demers | Mayday

Created upon the invitation of B-Motion (Bassano), Icône Pop is a playful clash between religious and pop iconographies, the sacred and the profane, saintly glorification and self-glorification. Featuring the auras of the Virgin Mary and Beyoncé in a striptease of the utmost modesty. Circuit-Est – Studio Jeanne-Renaud | November 18, 2016 | 01:30PM – 02:00PM

Promotion in partnership with Suzie Larivée – La Tribu (France & Canada)


BESIDE | Marie Béland | maribé – sors de ce corps & Montréal Danse

Presentation of excerpts from the choreographic research for the new creation BESIDE. Words as well as movement are drawn from the Internet, that infinite bank of information. The performers adopt a specialized discourse borrowed from others in a game of credibility and precarity Who is saying what? Circuit-Est – Studio Peter Boneham | November 18, 2016 | 12:45PM – 01:00PM