MONTRÉAL DANSE – Following up on the success of Prisms + new videos

MONTRÉAL DANSE – Following up on the success of Prisms + new videos

Discover the latest promotional video of Prisms, Benoît Lachambre’s choreographic and chromatic extravagance with Montréal Danse. The show was a hit in Montreal: “Prisms is a show whose images will continue to haunt us” (Local Gestures). “With its playfulness, its delirious soundtrack, its extravagant performers, Prisms is a tremendous piece (…) a synthesis of Lachambre’s vast experience, condensed in one proposition.” (dfdanse). Discover below the press review. Montréal Danse is proud to be collaborating with such an inspiring choreographer who has just been awarded the Grand Prix de la Danse de Montréal.

Prisms is available for touring in 2014-2015 & 2015-2016. Please contact Gilles Doré.

(The video of the full show at L’Agora de la danse will be available upon request. You want to watch it? Email Gilles Doré)


With its playfulness, its delirious soundtrack, its extravagant performers, Prisms is a tremendous piece, that hopefully will be presented again in Montreal. My only negative note: it’s a shame the performances weren’t spread over two, even three weeks...”

> Dfdanse

With the constraints that the structure imposes on the bodies, and thanks to the piece’s wide palette of bright colours permeating the retina, there’s no doubt Prisms is a show whose images will continue to haunt us.

> Local Gestures

It’s a whole journey and it has a lot of impact. That’s what strikes one first about Prisms, Benoît Lachambre’s latest creation for Montréal Danse. As in any love story, one doesn’t understand everything and one experiences contradictory emotions but there’s something joyous going on.

We know Benoît Lachambre is never coy, repetitious or fearful. As a performer, and maybe even more as a choreographer, he has always managed to transform everything he touches, that’s to say the way a performer moves, what he knows or what he gives of himself. Numerous performers, famous here or in Europe, have been able to reveal unsuspected aspects of their resources and talents, with the possibility of us no longer even recognizing them.

We know as well that the performers of Montréal Danse, a magnificent and established dance company, are chameleons, audacious, physically perfect and mentally engrossed. We already saw them transform from one piece to the other, from one choreographer to the other. Elinor Fueter, Annik Hamel, Rachel Harris, Sylvain Lafortune, Manuel Roque and Peter Trosztmer are game, that’s for sure.

We also know how l’Agora de la danse is a place for choreographic experimentations offering creators the means to produce work. So the expectations were high for the meeting of these three partners. The result, not only meets our expectations, but is really astounding.

What’s so memorable in this nonstandard work is hard to describe – it is most of all a physical experience to undergo with all the senses being bombarded, fascinated, teased and shaken – is the perfect fusion of all its elements. It’s the biggest success, because in this universe of eclectic extravagance, it’d take only one ill-placed or mediocre element to break the magic and the perfect balance.

The performers are breathtaking and engage their bodies in all states, in perilous situations, with humor and derision. Generous in their movements as much as their voices. But this couldn’t be without the prowess of lighting designer Lucie Bazzo and the exhilarating sound universe of Laurent Maslé and Tomas Furey. It’s very colourful in every sense of the word. And as the colours interact, the performers’ bodies trigger alchemic reactions between themselves as much as with the bodies of the audience, bringing  everyone somewhere, on a journey.”

> Aline Apostolska, La Presse

“No man is a prophet in his own country. Lachambre’s work is better known in Europe than here in Quebec. Yet the choreographer has been for the last 30 years a pioneer, a beacon and an ambassador for Quebec’s new dance.”

> Luc Boulanger, La Presse

Prisms contains the totality of Lachambre’s experiments, it’s a synthesis of his vast experience, condensed in one proposition.

> Dfdanse

Splendidly carried by Montréal Danse’s six performers, who are equally dancers, acrobats and performance artists, and Lucie Bazzo’s  remarkable lighting work, Benoît Lachambre’s piece is a refreshing and playful experience that awakens all of our senses.

> PatWhite

Renowned for the finesse and the profoundness of his work on senses, Benoît Lachambre stimulates the audiences’ own senses in Prisms, a playful and aesthetic piece created for 6 performers of Montréal Danse.

(…) In fact, Montréal Danse’s main strengths are the wise overview of its artistic director and her implication in supporting the creators, as well as the personality and versatility of its performers. Among the cast of Prisms are the powerful Elinor Fueter, the sensitive Annik Hamel and the charismatic Rachel Harris. We’re also excited at the return of the talented Sylvain Lafortune and Peter Trosztmer, both of them bearing a major role in the history of dance in Quebec, as well as arrival of Manuel Roque, a circus performer that has been breaking through in the choreographic landscape in the past few years. For them alone, Prisms is worth the trip.”

> Fabienne Cabado, VOIR