Art Circulation & Manon fait de la danse

Art Circulation & Manon fait de la danse

Art Circulation is proud to welcome choreographer Manon Oligny‘s company Manon de la danse, as an associate-member. The company benefits promotional services, in particular for the piece Fin de Série.

Press kit for the piece Fin de série (pdf)

The company Manon fait de la danse was established in 1999. Without frills, Manon Oligny nonetheless explores the fabric and stitches of human beings. She is interested in the fragility and complexity of individuals, creating tough, spirited and carnal choreographies with theatrical flair and urgency of movement. She confronts the body with its physical and mental limits. The line between sensuality and pain is far from being a straight one.

Displaying a wide range of emotions from pink to black, the choreographer examines the feminine – its representations (whether taboo or banal), its constraints, its urges – as well as the desecration and marketing of women’s bodies. Using fallen princesses and characters from fairy tales (Blanche-Neige (pas selon Disney!), 2009), Manon Oligny tactfully deconstructs and distorts the thorny symbolic associated with these archetypes. Animal figures, particularly horses, are also recurrent in her work (Pouliches, d’après l’oeuvre de Cindy Sherman in 2007 and L’Écurie in 2008), evoking the wild and untameable side of human beings.

Interdisciplinarity is a driving force in Oligny’s work, often collaborating with photographers, filmmakers, writers and digital artists. Different art forms and technologies fuel her critical thinking about choreography, making her creations that much richer. Her desire to probe diverse aspects of human nature and to explore new ways of creating has led her, beginning in 2013, to conceive projects with younger people and involve them in the creative process (CRASH : Quand le jeu vidéo rencontre la danse contemporaine).

In a very straightforward manner, Manon Oligny uses dance to reflect on the human circus. A theater of impatience, passions and raging identity.