George Stamos

SISTER NIGHTLIGHT is an investigation of the unique and contrasting qualities of nocturnal human sensations. From the soothing cocoon of a nightlight to the hypnotic intensity of club dance, this multidisciplinary performance piece featuring drummer Rémy Saminadin and choreographer/dancer George Stamos explores how we all move towards nighttime rituals that make us safe. SISTER NIGHTLIGHT interplays between the ecstatic physicality of party dancing, relaxed body states of private slumber, and agitated states of insomnia. Whether seen through the lens of contemplative solitude or festive nightlife, SISTER NIGHTLIGHT is grounded in dramaturgy locating the work at night. The next iteration of SISTER NIGHTLIGHT will include guest appearances by musician Roger White and dancer Louise Lecavalier when possible.



George Stamos


Music and performance

George Stamos, Rémy Saminadin


Set design

George Stamos, Antonio Ortega



George Stamos, Helen Simard, Sophie Corriveau, Sarah Williams, Rémy Saminadin


Rehearsal director

Sarah Williams



Lighting design

Tiffanie Boffa


Sound and technical director

Baptiste Tissot


Creative residencies

Agora de la danse, New Dance Horizons, Zab Maboungou / Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, Par B.L.eux



Agora de la danse, New Dance Horizons