Coffee for thoughts #5

Coffee for thoughts #5

Thomas, Veronika, Frederica, Daniele and Caroline share their thoughts and feelings coming back to workshop spaces, festival context and sharing movement spaces at ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival

“This is awaking me – the space, the studio, this space filled with people, filled with bodies in move. I can’t work at home – that is not the same – in a studio context something gets released in my body, I get inspired.”

“How can I release my thinking and let the body talk? I was wondering, when I go through the space and I feel a kind of a waves, and I wonder – is it the space, is it the person (that I encounter), do I generate it…. a lot of questions. […]There is communication through connection with self, with others and with the space.”

“The last winter was depressing – but it pushed me in a new process, process of having to rethink my practice and so many issues around it. And I’ve seen it in some friends too. Hopefully this is an impulse to make things differently.”

“Collective? Yes. I missed it, missed sharing a research with others – the shared effort, breathing, listening, moving.”

“Dance was never a lonely practice. It comes from celebrations, cults, and rituals – where people gather to share something. Even to make a solo we need someone to give us a feedback, to talk about the experience, we need a spectator. It is pretty normal then that moving here with everyone else just feels right. Sometimes overwhelming maybe, but right.”