Through the eye of the needle

An impressive visual experience in which contemporary dance is here inspired by the language of film, and features three women with “remote-control” bodies who endure the same loneliness without ever meeting. An ode to life’s volatilities and twists of fate, Par le chas de l’aiguille is a delicate and poetic piece in which illusion takes over the stage, illuminating our frailties and strengths.

With ten year’s experience in dance, Audrey Bergeron is one of those young artists who draws inspiration from the intersecting roles of performer and choreographer. Employing a multidisciplinary approach, she combines diverse media and means of expression: contemporary dance, artistic gymnastics, breakdance, physical theatre, dance videos… Much in demand as a choreographer, she collaborates with local designers—rising figures in the world of contemporary art—to refine each element of her work. Given her meticulousness and high aesthetic standards, she calls upon such artists as Antoine Berthiaume for the musical score, Marilène Bastien for costume design, Paul Chambers for lighting, and David-Alexandre Chabot for set design.

Alternating between tragedy and comedy, this triple portrait of womanhood features three promising dancers—Kim Henry, Merryn Kritizinger and Jessica Serli—who magnificently

Sometimes dance is visceral, or intellectual. Bergeron’s piece was both of these at times, but most of all it carried a visual aesthetic that was beautifully detailed and feminine. 

Pia Savoie, Bachtrack, 2016

 Audrey Bergeron et sa signature chorégraphique audacieuse, axée sur une féminité assumée, désinhibée et décomplexée, ne laissent pas la scène montréalaise en danse indifférente.

Mélanie Carpentier, Revue JEU, 2016

Les trois danseuses font briller leur style et leur perception de la relation entre le langage cinématographique et la danse contemporaine. Ce sont 60 minutes poétiques, métaphoriques qui ouvrent une fenêtre sur l’être dans ses faiblesses et dans ses moments de pleine puissance.

Éve Tessier, Les Méconnus, 2016


Choreographer Audrey Bergeron
In collaboration with the performers Kim Henry, Merryn Kritzinger & Jessica Serli
Music Antoine Berthiaume
Light & Set Designers Paul Chambers & David-Alexandre Chabot
Costumes Marilène Bastien
Rehearsal director Marianne Gignac-Girard
Dramaturgical consultant François Marquis
Production director & technical director Lee Anholt

A Danse-Cité production in collaboration with Audrey Bergeron. With the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.