[REBO(U)ND is part of a diptych by Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, discover GROUND, its stage counterpart]

Video of the projection on Édifice Wilder!

PREMIERE – October 19-20 + 24-27 by nightfall, on the facade of Wilder espace danse, from Place des festivals, as part of L’Agora de la danse’s programming!

AT CINARS 2018 – November 14-15-16 | 7pm > 11pm, outside Saint-Laurent metro station | Corner of Saint-Laurent & Maisonneuve [ RSVP : ]

A choreography of suspension, REBO(U)ND is an architectural video projection unveiling and magnifying bodies on the verge of escaping gravity. A project of choreographer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage with the companies Montréal Danse, Lorganisme and Hub Studio, the piece was made possible with the exceptional support of the Canada Council for the Arts as part of the New Chapter Initiative.

Previous projection (filmed in August 2018 during tests on the façade of BANQ – Quebec’s National Library in Montreal)

Public teaser

REBO(U)ND uses the trampoline not to emphasize jumping or agility but to reveal suspension, the ephemeral instant when the performer floats, between momentum and falling, between liberty and unbalance, just as the body seems to defy space and time. The camera angle from below the trampoline purposefully blurs any point of reference concerning orientation or space.

Projected on architectural surfaces, REBO(U)ND is accessible to everyone whether they be passersby, bystanders or curious spectators, taking dance out of theaters and studios and into the streets. Video mapping plays with perceptions, thwarting notions of time, gravity, scale and space, whether for 10 seconds or long-lasting contemplations.

A visual performance to be experienced and felt, REBO(U)ND delights in the sensations of abandon and liberty that dance can procure.

PREMIERE October 19-20 + 24-27 on the facade of Wilder espace danse – L’Agora de la danse, Montréal | Available for booking in the spring of 2018, and in 2018-2019 in a diptych with GROUND, a stage piece by the choreographer for 5 performers, working with the constraints of gravity, rebound and coordination, revealing the drives, dynamics and unconscious interdependencies common to social bodies.


DIRECTOR & CHOREOGRAPHER Caroline Laurin-Beaucage



PERFORMERS Kimberley De Jong, Brianna Lombardo, Louis-Elyan Martin, Bradley Eng

LIGHTING Gonzalo Soldi

COSTUMES Odile Gamache

SOUND DESIGN Jean Gaudreau




COACHES (trampoline) Bradley Eng, Bailey Eng

PRODUCTION Montréal Danse, Lorganisme, Hub Studio

COPRODUCTION Agora de la danse

PROMOTION/BOOKING Hub Studio, Art Circulation

GROUND + REBO(U)ND are one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter initiative. With this $35M initiative, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.

Hub Studio is a creation studio specialized in designing multimedia experiences. At the crossroads of arts, design and technology, HUB has completed numerous projects in several fields including live arts, permanent and temporary installations, in Quebec as well as worldwide. Following collaborations with renowned companies such as Cavalia, Franco Dragone, VYV, Ex Machina and Finzi Pasca, Thomas Payette and Gonzalo Soldi founded HUB Studio in 2015 to focus on the conception and integration of video projection, lighting and technology for the performing arts.

Fascinated by the human body, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage has placed it at the heart of her choreographic research. Strongly characterized by physicality, her works free the body from social codes, constraining it in different ways to tap into and express the visceral energy, animality, and vulnerability of human beings. Choreographically and visually, she creates symbolically charged worlds in which the body struggles, falls, and loses its bearings, bringing out both the fragility and the strength underlying the human condition. Caroline has been active on the Montreal scene as a dancer and choreographer for over fifteen years. While working with choreographers Ginette Laurin (O Vertigo), Paul-André Fortier, and Deborah Dunn, among others, Caroline began her personal choreographic exploration in 2001. After performing several of her solo works, she entered into a collaboration with sound artist Martin Messier to create Hit and Fall (2011), presented at Montreal’s Festival TransAmériques and the Via and Artdanthé festivals in France, and Soak (2012), presented in Montreal, in France, and in Hungary. In 2014, Caroline created Entailles, the first piece of a trilogy, presented in Montreal by Tangente; the same year, Charcuterie, co-produced by LORGANISME and Montréal Danse, was in the OFFTA program (Montreal); and the final work of the trilogy, Matière blanche, was presented in October 2015 at l’Agora de la danse (Montreal). Caroline Laurin-Beaucage is an artist-member and a co-founder of the Montreal contemporary dance structure, LORGANISME.