Par B.L.eux

Par B.L.eux, the company for contemporary creation, re-defines dance by emphasizing the importance of dialogue between choreographers and collaborators. Benoît Lachambre puts into practice an approach that shares Somatic practices, that he draws upon for his creations, performances and workshops.

With thirty years of solid experience behind him as a choreographer, performer, improviser and teacher, active in North America as well as in Europe, Benoît Lachambre created his company in 1996 out of the need for a platform that would allow him to produce his research projects and develop an original creative structure. So, Par B.L.eux (‘B.L.’ for his own initials and ‘eux’ for ‘them,’ his collaborators) was born and its mission is as follows: to create and produce works in a spirit of openness and collaboration, while encouraging interdisciplinary relationships in dance.

The company helps to promote international exchanges and multiplies opportunities for encounters between artists from diverse artistic and geographic backgrounds. Par B.L.eux believes that the evolution of dance feeds off of an abundance of ideas, and dynamic, conti­nuous exchange of artistic practice and concepts.


Inside Art Circulation’s portfolio: Lifeguard and Fluid Grounds



Active in the dance community since the 1970s, Benoît Lachambre first learned about Releasing in 1985. This kinesthetic approach to movement and its use of improvisation became an important influence on his choreographic work. He decided to immerse himself in an exploratory approach to movement and its sources, to seek out the authenticity of movement. His work, both as a choreographer and a performer, has at its centre the hyper-awareness of the senses, and the connection between the somatic and the artistic is central to his practice.

He founded his own company in Montréal in 1996, christening it Par B.L.eux, ‘B.L.’ for his own initials and ‘eux’ for the artists he chooses to collaborate with, and who have become central to his artistic process.

Benoît Lachambre is one of the foremost artist-choreographer-performers of his generation. He has created 17 works for his own company since Par B.L.eux was founded, and participated in more than 20 productions by other companies, in addition to some 25 commissioned works.

His latest solo work, Lifeguard, seeks to further deconstruct the notion of the choreographic impulse, and had its world première in Paris at the Festival June Events in June 2016. He affirmed and deepened this desire in Fluid Grounds, a group work, premiered at the TransAmériques Festival in June 2018.




June 13

Cross Festival // Verbania

June 9-10

Fabbrica Europa // Florence

February 7-9

Kaaitheater // Brussels


Biennale Danza // Venise

June 30

FTA // Montréal

May 29, 30, 31 & June 1st


Fórum Internacional de Dança Belo Horizonte // Brasil

November 15 & 16

ImPulsTanz Festival // Vienna

August 4, 6, and 7

June Events Festival // Paris

June 17 & 18


Premiered at Festival TransAmériques, Montreal, June 1, 2018

European premiere at Centre national de la danse, Pantin, June 20, 2018


Upcoming workshop


June 7

Fabbrica Europa // Florence

June 18-29

Centre National de la danse // Paris

August 6-10

ImPulstanZ // Vienne

August 13-25

Ponderosa art Center // Brandenburg




5425 av Casgrain, suite 200, Montréal (QC) H2T 1X6

514 596-2127

Artistic Director – Benoît Lachambre

Co Executive Director – Claire Molinot
| Ext. #1051 |

Administrative & Logistics Associate
- Josianne Monette | Ext. #1052 |

Communications Officer
- Charlotte Beaussier | Ext. #1053 |

Technical Director - Samuel Thériault