Instant Community, an experience of human and virtual connexion


What we create, feel, experience is deeply dependant on how those around us feel, react and interact. Instant Community heightens the potential of this interdependency: it harnesses our affinities while exploring our ability to collectively produce meaning and work.


Instant Community is a visual as much as a choreographic experience, an artistic proposition that aims at the social rather than the spectacular. The six artists/performers only set a framework and instigate the construction of images, films, collages and encounters. But it is then up to the audience to appropriate the experience and give life to the sharing of ideas. Every evening is different, every spectator is one electron of this ensemble, everyone decides how they participate in the game, injecting a taste of their personality into the making.

Together, using telephones, ipads, apps, objects and projectors, a common experience is created, trust sets in, a collective imagination emerges. Instant Community leaves vivid memories inside each mind as well as visual artifacts inside each person’s cell phone and tablet. Well established but unpredictable, the work is fundamentally a human experience, questioning our relationships to others, our modes of being alone and our means of communicating.

Our fingers swipe across our devices’ screens. We layer moving images and sounds into meta collages of the individuals in our instant community. We flip physics on its head. We laugh. We are drawn together in spite of our technology. We find a deep, quiet understanding between us; an individual solitude in the company of others.”

Instant Community started as a Carte blanche from Montréal Danse to choreographer Peter Quanz. It developed into a communal creative process with the four performers and the artistic director of the company, resulting in a unique, non-reproducible experience, created and shared by the six artists (Peter Quanz, Sylvain Lafortune, Bernard Martin, Brice Noeser, Peter Trosztmer, Kathy Casey) as much as by everyone in the audience.

A production of Montréal Danse | A project initiated during Montréal Danse’s Choreographic Research Workshop


The participants will be invited to share their pictures, testimonies and videos on social networks using the hashtags #instantcommunity and #montrealdanse




Created and hosted by artists Peter Quanz, Sylvain Lafortune, Bernard Martin, Brice Noeser, Peter Trosztmer, Kathy Casey| A production of Montréal Danse

Acknowledgement – Sonya Stephan, Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Q Dance

Photo Credits: Montréal Danse