Icône Pop

Created upon the invitation of B-Motion (Bassano), Icône Pop is a playful clash between religious and pop iconographies, the sacred and the profane, saintly glorification and self-glorification. Featuring the auras of the Virgin Mary and Beyoncé in a striptease of the utmost modesty.


Choreography: Mélanie Demers

Music: Mykalle Bielinski

On stage: Mélanie Demers, Mykalle Bielinski

Costumes: Mélanie Demers

A production of MAYDAY | Coproduction : Operaestate Festival – Comune di Bassano del Grappa

Promotion: Art Circulation

Photos: Brianna Lombardo


Choreographer: Mélanie Demers

A production of MAYDAY

Summer 2017 : Tour in Canada and Europe