Fin de série

We fight now against our very disappearance. 

FIN DE SÉRIE is intended as a choreographic and political manifesto, introducing five girls identically dressed and hair-styled, like androids. They feature typical female forms and stereotypes, appearing as though they have just sprung from a manufacturing plant. It is an allegory of the feminine – they are formatted girls, originating from the same mold from which they wish to escape.

 ‘‘A molding of the woman into a lovable, admirable, marriageable, fuckable thing. A woman that is worth being replicated.’’ Martine Delvaux


In their initial state, these five women, accompanied by a soprano singer, are a reflection of the fantasies of a society where the desire for control and perfection dominate, however illusory and pointless that might be. Is there something under the image? Is it possible to live as a woman outside of image? What might these chain-produced ladies be hiding and what can they reveal about our world?

These five women evolve in a context where everything is a calculation, everything controlled and sanitized. They wish to resemble other human beings, or rather resemble women that can be considered human, away from industry. These women are deprogrammed, in the same way we ourselves, in our pursuit of a highly efficient, flawless and virtual world, are deprogrammed from our own lives. These clones are experiencing a computer bug, in that they enjoy imitating and resembling us.

They wish to break free from this production chain which lobotomizes their lives. They seek to emancipate themselves from their destinies as “serial women”. They run to escape death – and they are everything except still lifes.


A production of company Manon fait de la danse, in coproduction with Festival TransAmériques.

Manon fait de la danse is associate-member at Art Circulation


Girls that serve as machines – as image, spectacle, merchandise and ornament. They are an illusion of perfection.

Martine Delvaux


Artistic Director and Choreographer: Manon Oligny In collaboration with the dancers: Geneviève Bolla, Miriah Brennan, Marilyn Daoust, Karina Iraola and Anne Le Beau / Soprano singer: Florie Gauthier Valiquette / Dramaturgy collaborator: Martine Delvaux / Choreography assistant and Rehearsal Director: Christine Charles / Music: Création Ex Nihilo (Guillaume Bourassa and Sébastien Gravel) / Lighting Designer: Bruno Rafie / Technical direction: Julien Véronneau

Production: Manon fait de la danse, in coproduction with Festival TransAmériques.

Duration: 1h | Italian-style set-up, technical sheet UPON REQUEST

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Premiered on June 2016 at Festival TransAmériques (Montreal)