BEHIND : une danse dont vous êtes le héros

Why would a choreographer direct her dancers without ever seeing how their bodies inhabit the space? Marie Béland imposed that mad constraint in a bold experiment, BEHIND : une danse dont vous êtes le héros, where she invites the audience to view the choreography through the keyhole, as it were. It is up to us to observe the shadows made by the dancers and the diffuse reflection of their silhouettes and then fill in the blanks, piecing together the portrait of a couple’s increasingly forceful back-and-forth by interpreting visual and sound clues that are dispensed sparingly. And when is she going to open the damn panels that obstruct our vision? One of the most dynamic choreographers of her generation, the Quebec artist asks radical questions in this short piece about codes of representation and the dancers’ relation to the spectator. A whimsical sensory experience alive with the playful and the unexpected. (Fabienne Cabado)

Béland chooses to work with performers in a straightforward manner, proposing certain movement phrases or concepts which can serve an improvisation process. She then orchestrates all of the elements, with sensitivity to form and a spray of vibrant colours. Live music on stage is another resonant feature

Philip Szporer – Hour

After its premiere at Tangente in December 2010, BEHIND has been presented at Festival TransAmériques in 2011 and Festival ArtDanthé (France) in 2012.

Choreographer : Marie Béland | Performers : Rachel Harris, Peter Trosztmer | Musicians on stage : Avec pas d’casque (Stéphane Lafleur, Joel Vaudreuil, Nicolas Moussette) | Dramaturge: Katya Montaignac | Stage Set : Jonathan Inksetter | Light designer : Frédérick Gravel | Photo credits: Mathieu Doyon, Manon Larin-Picard, Catherine Mytofir, Julie Taxil

Choreographer : Marie Béland
A production of maribé – sors de ce corps
Category : All audiences
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Premiered on Decembre 1, 2010 at Tangente (Montreal)

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