© Julien Brun

Emile  Pineault has been immersed in the circus world from an early age and has worked as a professional acrobat for several years. In the process, he has gone through a profound reassessment of his practice and of the artistic milieu in which it is based. He understands the body in the same way he understands theatre: As a space made hermetic by the conventions it is subjected to, but a space that can, in time, open itself, expand and fl ourish through a sensitive transgression of these same conventions. Standing clearly apart from current aesthetics, which tend to define and frame circus practice, Emile disorganizes the framework, challenging existing codes and their limits in order to break free and transcend them.His body is the territory of these explorations.

“ Through movement, I seek to de-formalize the body. By pushing the movement further, I surpass my own body, my own limits, as well as the limits of circus and of form itself. (…) How is it possible to give the audience access to those painful and exquisite sensations the acrobat is constantly negotiating? I wish to turn the acrobatic performance into a shared experience, as visceral and tangible to the audience as it is to the acrobat. ”

His new solo, Normal Desires, invites the audience to slip into the acrobat’s skin. Onstage, intertwined with light and sound, a single figure is seen in a state of perpetual overflow, his outlines blurred by a kinetic ecstasy. Impact, flux, repetition, constraint, compression, thrust, heat and vibration take us on a journey through a series of affective states and spaces. Unusual shapes emerge, which are simultaneously sensual, rigorous and hypnotic. In Normal Desires, Emile Pineault’s body refuses normality and convention to share a sensory experience of the acrobatic performance that is both subtle and intense.

NORMAL DESIRES A Danse-Cité production in collaboration with Emile Pineault.

NORMAL DESIRES (60 MINUTES) will be presented during the 37th season of Danse-Cité (www.danse-cite.org) for 8 performances at La Chapelle, scènes contemporaines, from november 22 to december 1.